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The Civilians' Lobby Project with Encores! Off Center: OH, THIS IS SUCCESS! created by Matt Barbot, Ilana Becker, Christina (CQ) Quintana

July, 2019

The Lobby Project is a series of pre-performance events based around the themes of each Encores! Off-Center production. OH, THIS IS SUCCESS! was created using The Civilians’ signature investigative approach, utilizing interviews with community members from all over NYC with a variety of life experiences. It centers on themes of familial expectation, responsibility, legacy, conceptions of success and failure, and how those definitions change over time.
Created by Matt Barbot, Ilana Becker and Christina (CQ) Quintana

With songs by Aya Aziz, Jacob Brandy, Jaime Lozano, and Michelle J. Rodriguez. Performed by Varín Ayala, Onyie Nwachukwu, Elise Santora, and Lauren Villegas. Directed by Ilana Becker. Music Directed by Steven Cuevas. Stage Managed by Megan Webb. Produced by Amy C. Ashton.

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